Common-benefit foundations start to focus on mission-based investing

According to a study by the Center for Philanthropy Studies (CEPS) Basel, and Globalance Bank, common-benefit foundations are increasingly waking up to the potential of mission-based investing. In an article in the latest edition of specialist journal “Private”, Dr. Ingeborg Schumacher uses insights from the study as the basis for nine interviews with foundation experts. These give their views of the fundamental challenges faced by common-benefit foundations with regard to asset management, and talk about the reasons to choose mission-based investing, as well as the barriers to doing so. With many managers of common-benefit foundations reporting positive experiences, there is currently great interest in this type of investing.

New challenges for foundations

Traditionally, foundations have often kept their grant-making policy and their investment policy completely separate, so one of the big challenges is to remove this separation. Another is to increase the expertise of the responsible foundation committees so that the potential can be exploited properly. Foundation associations and special training sessions can help build capacity as well as offering a platform to exchange ideas and information.

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