Dr. I. Schumacher: “LISDAR provided a compilation of all the latest developments relating to Responsible Investing”

“The Liechtenstein Congress on Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing 2010 offered a wonderful platform for finding out about the latest thinking on Responsible Investing from leading authorities from around the world. In his impressive opening address, for example, Mr. von Weizs├Ącker highlighted some interesting options for mitigating the catastrophic effects of climate change. As well as innovative technological solutions, he believes that regulators, industry, and the financial markets must work together to encourage a switch towards a more sustainable, liveable society. Themes were addressed that will be central to the onward development of the Responsible Investing philosophy. This is not only important within the company, but will also benefit our clients.

The congress also made it clear that Liechtenstein’s financial sector already has a great depth of expertise. The intensive dialogue between the various different players in Liechtenstein is a positive signal for its position as a financial centre – and supports the integration of Responsible Investing at Kaiser Ritter Partner.”

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