Honorary Consul Leodis C. Matthews “Liechtenstein could make a difference”

Liechtenstein’s Honorary Consul in Los Angeles (USA) Leodis C. Matthews talks about Responsible Investing and its role in promoting Liechtenstein as a financial location.

“I’m very pleased that Liechtenstein is hosting this particular congress (LISDAR). California has been a leader in the United States – as a state far ahead of the federal government. Right now, as we’re speaking, the governor of California is in China specifically to promote responsible investing in California by Chinese companies.

Two years ago, Liechtenstein sponsored an economic conference on climate change and governor Schwarzenegger gave an opening address – so he knows about Liechtenstein. I’ve been pretty vocal in letting the political leaders in California know about Liechtenstein. The issue of whether we can really make a difference comes down to spreading the word…

In the area of climate change, I know that Liechtenstein has a much greater interest on a personal level in terms of individual responsibility than most nations. I’d certainly like to see active support in the form of an investment in the US. Americans are very interested in ecology-related issues and they identify with that. I think it would make a difference just to let people know that Liechtenstein is promoting responsible investments.

I’m also a lawyer, and at the moment our very small firm has been absorbed by a Chinese firm. One of the areas we are focussing on now is private family wealth as an area of law practice. I represent a couple of very wealthy family members and their entire focus now is on sustainable investments that contribute to the larger population. The two clients that I represent – who are Fortune 500 persons – put a lot of emphasis on sustainable investments.”

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