“Impact and Investing” & “ESG Rating” – reports from LISDAR (2)

Manuel Hafner, Kaiser Ritter Partner Trust Services (right)

I very much enjoyed the “Responsible Investing” day at the Liechtenstein Congress for Sustainable Development und Responsible Investing 2010. The way the day was divided up was particularly good. The presentations on philosophical and political approaches to Responsible Investing took place in the morning. The afternoon was devoted more to speakers from the business world. We learnt how the philosophy of Responsible Investing can be realised at the business level, and how you really can make money by applying the strategy.
Later on I visited the “Rating Systems for Investment Vehicles” workshop. This session was led by our colleague Ingeborg Schumacher. Three speakers explained the rating process from their different perspectives. First a general labelling system was presented. Another speaker then talked about the marketing of a concrete label. Finally, Philipp Langeheinecke gave a comprehensive explanation of how ESG criteria can be used at the fund level when making decisions about specific portfolio investments.
Thanks to this event, I now have a better understanding of the Responsible Investing concept and its theoretical underpinning. I was also very impressed by the concrete figures and performance data. I would also like to highlight the good networking opportunities created by LISDAR. The atmosphere is very relaxed and it is very easy to fall into conversation – much better than other events of this kind.

René Vallaster, Kaiser Ritter Partner Trust Services (left)

I chose to go to the “Impact and Investing for Foundations” workshop because we manage several family foundations. I was particularly interested in the role that Responsible Investing can play. My work at Kaiser Ritter Partner does not involve actual investing – we use other experts in the company for this. Like me, our customers tend not to be specialists in investing, and certainly don’t know much about Responsible Investing. But having taken part in the congress I now understand what is possible with Responsible Investing, and what it can mean in concrete terms for customers.

Out of a sense of responsibility for my customers, the first question I asked was whether Responsible Investing meant accepting lower returns than with “normal” investing. Following the workshop I can say that while in the short term, returns may be lower, in the longer run the prospects for Responsible Investing are definitely good, especially if you heed the facts contained in the latest reports on climate change and energy/resource scarcity etc.

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