LISDAR Opening Event: Sustainable Development & Responsible Investing

Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Co-Chair, International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management:

Factor 5: A convenient Truth. Transforming the global economy through 80 % resource efficiency

Ian Johnson, General Secretary, Club of Rome: The perfect storm: Can it be avoided?

Fritz Kaiser, Executive Chairman, Kaiser Ritter Partner: Responsible Investing

Klaus Tschütscher, Prime Minister, Liechtenstein: Responsibility and Sustainability – our national mandates

Hansjörg Hilti, Head of the Institute of Architecture and Planning, University of Liechtenstein: Welcoming change

Peter Droege, Professor for Sustainable Spatial Development, Hochschule Liechtenstein: An Overview on LISDAR 2010

Lorenz Reibling, Chairman, Taurus Investment Holdings Boston: New Value Paradigm – a requirement for responsible property development

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