LISDAR’s initiator Prof. Droege comments on the opening event and Responsible Investing day

In terms of my own experience and other people’s feedback, it’s all been completely positive. Personally I am very happy that all the members of the team – not just from the university but also from Kaiser Ritter Partner, the government and all of the networks from the MIL to the Climate Foundation – have worked so well together. We’ll be trying to get as much feedback as possible afterwards as well, with questionnaires and short e-mails. Even if the participants don’t all attend every day, the internet and other publications provide plenty of opportunity for feedback. It’s not just the conference itself that is important, but also what happens afterwards and how we prepare for next year. Even if it ended today I would still say it was worth it!

What pleases me is that the conference is providing a platform not just for exchanging ideas, but also for making deals and networking. This is a mark of success, because that’s how lasting contacts are made – which is much harder if you only know someone from a teleconference.  The workshops, lunchtime and the breaks all give opportunities for getting to know people. We have proved that LISDAR is just the right size for this. If there were 2000 people at the congress, it would be harder to make the connections.

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