Responsible Investing: Kaiser Ritter Partner strengthens its skills

Responsible Investing is a response to the pressing questions of our time, but is the financial world’s answer to current global challenges really so simple?

According to the Responsible Investing philosophy put into practice by Kaiser Ritter Partner, wealthy people can invest in a way that accords with their values and view of the world while simultaneously ensuring that they are standing on the right side of global change.

But behind this seemingly simple formula there is actually a whole array of tasks that the experts at Kaiser Ritter Partner have to carry out every day. Individualized customer advice goes beyond purely financial issues, and the analysis carried out by our investment experts takes in global changes as well as short-term economic trends.

Bearing this in mind, Kaiser Ritter Partner’s involvement in the Liechtenstein Congress on Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing 2010 (LISDAR) provides an excellent opportunity for our employees to expand their skills. The company’s internal training and development institution, the AKADEMIE, welcomes the active participation of almost 30 Kaiser Ritter Partner employees in the congress. The new insights that each of these employees gain will help Kaiser Ritter Partner live up to its responsibilities as a smart, forward-looking wealth management company in a changing world.

Otmar Hasler

President of the AKADEMIE, Member of the Board of Directors Kaiser Ritter Partner

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