Second Liechtenstein Impact Investing Forum: discussion platform established

The second Liechtenstein Impact Investing Forum was held in Schaan on February 6. Dr. Ingeborg Schumacher, expert on responsible investing, attended for the Responsible Investing Blog: The second phase was expanded following the successful premiere in autumn 2012; there is now a workshop and an evening event. Formulas for the successful management of foundation and institutional investor portfolios were discussed at an intensive seminar in the afternoon.  In the evening, talks and discussions under the principle of “Write your own success stories” provided insight into practical examples. More than 70 attendees, including representatives of associations, professional investors and advisors, took the opportunity for an intensive exchange of ideas.

The central question of the seminar for institutional investors and non-profit foundations, “How shall I invest my capital?”, was answered both against the backdrop of social responsibility and in financial terms. Lukas von Orelli, managing director of Velux Stiftung and director of SwissFoundations, even posed the question of whether foundations are fully supporting their own purpose at all when they fail to put their capital to the service of the purpose of the foundation.

Foundation associations such as the Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen [Association of German Foundations] and SwissFoundations support their members in developing solutions with working groups, specific instruction sheets and progress reports. A gradual process of implementation makes sense in order to facilitate learning processes both in the foundation board and on the part of the asset manager. The specific advice on implementation given at the Impact Investing Forum was very valuable in this regard. It is much easier to motivate the foundation board to take steps when specific examples clearly show that the purpose of the foundation is being sabotaged by investments. Regular conversations with the managers, to judicially advise and support them through their implementation, are also important.

Finally, the opportunity to also use institutional capital as a resource was demonstrated. This is associated with a regional responsibility to allocate one’s own capital to ideas from the region and to support entrepreneurial commitment. A specific company case study and the dialog with its investors illustrated how high value creation and attractive returns have been achieved through the allocation of venture capital.

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